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David Runner’s Appellate Updates: February 14, 2018

Lawrence Fillinger v. The Boeing Co., 290 Or App 187 (2017) (Egan, C.J.) David Runner/SAIF This case involved a current combined condition denial of a low back condition.  On judicial review, the worker contended that the employer had failed to prove a sufficient change in the worker’s condition to support its denial.  Specifically, [...]

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25 Steps for a Safer Office

OK, all of your people work in offices, so safety's a snap, right? Well, according to our friends at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (seriously, the BLS is one of greatest public resources our tax dollars pay for every year), well over 80,000 of our fellow Americans are injured annually in offices. Health + Safety [...]

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David Runner’s Appellate Updates: February 8, 2018

Richard Poland, 70 Van Natta 172 (2018), the board upheld OAR 436-060-0025(4), as amended effective January 1, 2017.    David Runner/SAIF The worker had challenged the rule as inconsistent with ORS 656.210(2)(d), which states that the benefits of a worker who incurs an accidental injury “shall be based on the wage of the [...]

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David Runner’s Appellate Updates: January 4, 2018

Rains v. Stayton Builders Mart, Inc., 289 Or App 672 (2018) (Ortega, P.J.) David Runner/SAIF In this civil action based on a claim of strict products liability, the Court of Appeals held that application of the $500,000 cap on noneconomic damage awards in ORS 37.710(1) violated the Remedy Clause of Article I, section [...]

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David Runner’s Appellate Updates: November 21, 2017

Walker v. Providence Health System Oregon, 288 Or App 772 (2017) (DeVore, P.J.) David Runner/SAIF In this penalty and attorney fee case, the court held that the board erred in concluding that the court’s previous decision remanding the case for determination of the amount of a penalty under ORS 656.262(11)(a) prevented the board [...]

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