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Data System Modernization – 2019 Legislative Concepts

Workers’ compensation claim data is central to the department’s regulatory functions. Claim information is used to track system performance and trends; monitor employer and insurer compliance; determine eligibility for department programs (Employer-at-Injury Program and Preferred Worker Program); and, to schedule Oregon-OSHA inspections. To support these purposes, it is essential that the data is accurate and [...]

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Civil penalty cap increase – 2019 Legislative Concept

Some insurers and self-insured employers have had declining performance relating to claim processing, proof of coverage reporting, and responsiveness to division inquiries. One of the division’s primary tools to motivate improved behavior is to issue civil penalties for violation of laws, rules, and orders of the director. The current civil penalty is limited to $2,000 [...]

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David Runner’s Appellate Updates: May 2, 2018

Mario Carillo v. SAIF, 291 Or App 589 (2018) (per curiam) David Runner/SAIF This case involves an initial left shoulder injury claim denied on a combined condition basis.  In challenging the denial, the worker contended that the work injury had not resulted in any specific medical “condition,” just a need for medical services [...]

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Job Opportunity

The Position The Senior Workers Compensation/Disability Analyst for the Rsk Management Division of the Office of Management and Finance is responsible for analysis and adjudication of large, complex workers compensation claims cases. This position perform analysis, investigations and other case management functions to determine whether injuries and illness are occupationally related, to establish the level of compensable benefits in [...]

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GB Journal: Oh, Dear! Frightfully Complicated!

    Oh, Dear! Frightfully Complicated! Apr. 19, 2018   On a spring morning in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1966, engineer James Goodfellow was describing his new invention over breakfast to his wife, Helen. He'd just developed the first ATM for a group of Scottish banks. He told Helen how the customer would only have to [...]

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Job Posting: Medical Quality Assurance/Report Editor 

Medical Quality Assurance/Report Editor We are a company providing Independent Medical Evaluations (IME). We have a full-time position available in our Quality Assurance Department. We are looking for a team player to work in a supportive team environment. It is inherent in this position that one must listen to feedback and constructively apply this information [...]

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David Runner’s Appellate Updates: February 14, 2018

Lawrence Fillinger v. The Boeing Co., 290 Or App 187 (2017) (Egan, C.J.) David Runner/SAIF This case involved a current combined condition denial of a low back condition.  On judicial review, the worker contended that the employer had failed to prove a sufficient change in the worker’s condition to support its denial.  Specifically, [...]

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25 Steps for a Safer Office

OK, all of your people work in offices, so safety's a snap, right? Well, according to our friends at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (seriously, the BLS is one of greatest public resources our tax dollars pay for every year), well over 80,000 of our fellow Americans are injured annually in offices. Health + Safety [...]

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David Runner’s Appellate Updates: February 8, 2018

Richard Poland, 70 Van Natta 172 (2018), the board upheld OAR 436-060-0025(4), as amended effective January 1, 2017.    David Runner/SAIF The worker had challenged the rule as inconsistent with ORS 656.210(2)(d), which states that the benefits of a worker who incurs an accidental injury “shall be based on the wage of the [...]

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