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Your Trusted Voice for Workers’ Compensation

Policy Advocacy

Oregon Workers’ Compensation Association (OWCA) is Oregon’s proven leader in workers’ compensation policy, with more than three decades of  experience in shaping the best workers’ compensation system in the nation.

Originally founded as the Oregon Self-Insurers Association (OSIA), OWCA recently expanded to bring together stakeholders from across the workers’ compensation system, including self-insured employers, third-party-insured employers, and insurance providers. This expansion is a result of rising costs that affect all employers, whether self-insured or insured by a third-party provider. OWCA believes that broader membership will strengthen our collective voice.

States across the nation look to Oregon as a model for workers’ compensation that offers low rates to employers and high levels of benefits to injured workers. OWCA’s legislative accomplishments are at the foundation of Oregon’s successful workers’ compensation system.  In 1990, it led negotiations during a special legislative session that resulted in dramatic reforms and the modernization of Oregon’s workers’ compensation system. These reforms created a system with some of the lowest costs to employers and best benefits for injured workers in the nation.

Over the past 25 years, OWCA has continued to secure passage of legislation to improve workers’ compensation in Oregon.  Equally as important, it helped defeat numerous bills that would have adversely impacted the system and driven costs higher for employers.

Education and Support

In addition to member-led policy advocacy with the support of our lobbying team, OWCA provides a range of services to members to ensure that Oregon’s workers’ compensation system works effectively and efficiently for all.

OWCA offers two annual seminars to members that include the latest updates and best practices in workers’ compensation. Topics include workers’ compensation statutes and regulations, OSHA requirements, disability management, preferred provider networks, and a variety of related legal, medical, and insurance issues.

Members also have access to OWCA newsletters and other informational materials that provide a forum for the discussion of current issues in workers’ compensation among industry stakeholders, legislators, regulators, and other interested parties.